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Engineer in substation


HVSS can carry out the following activities:

  • Transformer Installation

  • GIS/AIS switchgear Installation

  • Busbar Systems

  • Switchgear installation

  • HV cable installation

  • HV Jointing/terminations

  • Earthing

  • Containment/multicore Installation

  • Protection Modifications

  • Battery Chargers/UPS Systems

  • LVAC Systems

Electrical machines


HVSS can carry out testing and commissioning of the following:

  • Relay and control panels

  • Power and Auxiliary transformers

  • Reactors

  • Capacitor banks

  • Rectifiers

  • AIS/GIS switchgear

  • MV/LV switchgear

  • Cable installations

  • LVAC systems

  • Battery Chargers/UPS Systems



HVSS specialises in an variety of design & calculation services:

  • Primary & Secondary electrical design drawings preparation as per tender documents.

  • Interface works:- Cable schedule & Core sheets preparation.

  • Relay Settings Calculation

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